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Información sobre el milano orange-710 observado en Erbiti

Foto de archivo

Dear Juan Ignacio Deán,
we are grateful to you for your report on a Hiddensee ringed bird. You will find the details below. If you notice any
errors in the finding details write down your remarks please and return this form to the address above.
Ringing data Reference: BH23798/2009
First ring: EA..154130 / DEH (Hiddensee)
Wing tagged
With individual inscription
Species: Red Kite (Milvus milvus)
Sex: not given
Age: Nestling
Date: 18.06.2008, 17:00
Place: WIEGENDORF (1km NE)
Weimarer Land, Thüringen
50°59'00"N 011°27'00"E
Recovery data Reference: WH10212/2015
verification: Identified from additional marks
Species: Red Kite
Sex: not given
Age: Adult
Date: 10.01.2015 / DG:0
42°59'58"N 001°45'59"W
State: Alive & prob. healthy, rep. non-ringer
Ring read from distance
Remarks: Sammelplatz; Beobachter: Alberto Lizarraga
Recovery after 2397 days, 1336 km WSW (239,0°) from place of ringing

Date │Co│Place, Region, District │Coordinates │D.aR│Dist.│Dir│S│Z│U│A│ Ring │Cod│Reference │
|18.06.2008| |WIEGENDORF,Weimarer Land,Thüringen |50°59'00"N 011°27'00"E| | | | | | | |EA..154130|DEH|BH23798/2009 |
|24.03.2011| |OßMANNSTEDT,Weimarer Land,Thüringen |51°01'00"N 011°28'00"E|1009|4 |NNE|F| | |6|EA..154130|DEH|WH8034/2013 |
|06.05.2011| |OßMANNSTEDT,Weimarer Land,Thüringen |51°02'00"N 011°27'00"E|1052|6 | |F| | |6|EA..154130|DEH|WH8035/2013 |
|03.10.2011|74|NAJERA,ES13 (LA RIOJA (LOGRONO)) |42°26'07"N 002°44'43"W|1202|1436 |WSW| | | |5|EA..154130|DEH|WH5940/2013 |
|15.02.2012|74|NAJERA,ES13 (LA RIOJA (LOGRONO)) |42°26'08"N 002°45'05"W|1337|1437 |WSW| | | |5|EA..154130|DEH|WH24300/2012 |
|12.04.2012| |OßMANNSTEDT,Weimarer Land,Thüringen |51°00'00"N 011°26'00"E|1394|2 |NW |F| | |6|EA..154130|DEH|WH22301/2012 |
|03.05.2014| |PFIFFELBACH,Weimarer Land,Thüringen |51°04'00"N 011°25'00"E|2145|10 |NNW| | | |6|EA..154130|DEH|WH16876/2014 |
|21.05.2014| |PFIFFELBACH,Weimarer Land,Thüringen |51°04'00"N 011°25'00"E|2163|10 |NNW| | | |6|EA..154130|DEH|WH16877/2014 |
|10.01.2015|74|ERBITI,ES24 (NAVARRA) |42°59'58"N 001°45'59"W|2397|1336 |WSW| | | |5|EA..154130|DEH|WH10212/2015 |


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