jueves, enero 10, 2013

Noticias del equipo alemán

El equipo alemán que pasó por aquí en la primera mitad de diciembre se dio una vuelta por algunos dormideros y esta es la crónica. En definitiva excelente conteo el 19 de diciembre en Murugarren donde vieron 374 ejemplares y dos ejemplares marcados, uno alemán de Ubbo Mammen y otro francés. También observaron milanos en la zona de Alsasua. Y para los que queráis practicar inglés aquí va la crónica original.

In Salamanca we didn't found our birds, weather was so bad but in badajoz we found 1 bird and second bird with wingtag from our projekt in same tree:-)) But your contacts to you friends was great and we had a lot of fun and perfect time, thanks again for this! After way back home we saw from a street by Alsasua arround 30-40 Red kites circle above a pig farm and 5 birds sit in trees near the railroad, is their a roostplace?? because it was 16:00 clock and we don't want to wait, so that we drive to the big roostplace place that you told us ( I can't remember the name of village even I can't find my map) but you told us from a big roostplace arround 300>, we count them on the 19.12 and count 374 (picture in box) with two markt birds, one from Ubbo mamen and one  I think from france, I din't have reported, I tell you than!

Ok Juan thanks for every help in spain, it was great to work with you, I hope your count was successfull:-))

Best regards Christian