martes, diciembre 11, 2012

Noticias desde Suiza

Dear all,

We try to count wintering Red kites at all known roosting places in Switzerland twice a winter: once when the international Red kite census takes place in January, and once on the last week-end of November (since 2009).
Here are the results from the last census on 24/25 November 2012:
More then 80 volunteers counted 2819 individuals at 28 sites (41 roosts). More than 100 individuals were counted at 13 roosts (14 sites). The number is much higher then in November in previous years:
2009: 1466 inds.
2010: 1692 ind.
2011: 1946 ind.
Compared to previous years, the number was higher at most of the know roosts.
Four new roosts were discovered. Seven roosts existing in winter 2011/12 were not occupied in November 2012.

The complete report in German is available if anyone is interested. The same report will be available in French in about 10 days.

best wishes,

ps: Switzerland will of course participate on the next international count on 5/6 January 2013.

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