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Wintering redkites in Europe: Czech Republic

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Dear Colleagues,
the traditional red kite roost in the border area of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria was occupied again in the winter 2012/2013 and checked in co-operation with several CZ, SK and A colleagues.
During the international simultaneous census on 5th January 2013, 21 birds roosted on CZ side and 4 birds on SK side. One week later (12th Jan 2013), the number on CZ side was the same (21 inds). Regarding the age structure, out of these 21 birds, 14 were aged on Jan 12th: 12 adults and 2 juveniles (2nd cy). Autumn maximum varied between 82 and 86 birds in the second half of October 2012, alternately on CZ and A side.
This winter for the first time, second roost established ca 15 km N from the traditional one, too. Here, 18 birds roosted on 6th January so the total for the whole area was 21+4+18 = 43 birds. At this new (2nd) roost, the maximum number was found on 5th December 2012 (23 birds).
No black kites were found wintering this winter. The last observation was on October 19th, 2012 (1 bird in the flock of 40 red kites).
David Horal, Czech Republic

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